How to Use the Grill Pan Perfectly Every Time
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How to Use the Grill Pan Perfectly Every Time

Dec. 28, 2021

We all know how wonderful outdoor cooking can be, and nothing beats the taste of grilled meat, fish or vegetables when grilling.

A grill pan is an efficient and versatile kitchen kit. Cooking in a skillet is slightly different than a regular skillet, especially if you want to mimic the taste and look of an outdoor grill. But if you prepare, use and store your food correctly, there's no reason you can't whip up a great meal every time!

Choosing your pan

The first thing is the first thing. Your food is only as good as the pan you prepare it in, which is why it's vital to choose your pan carefully according to your needs. If you want to impress with a striking branding, you need one with deep ridges to help create the classic charcuterie look.

A cast iron pan is usually a smart choice because it retains heat better and burns food more efficiently. To maximize the available space, a square grill pan also allows you to fit more.

Preparing food

To ensure that your food is cooked properly, it is recommended that you slice it very thinly. This will help you get the charred look and smoky flavor while making sure your food is cooked. It is a good idea to rinse and dry your meat or vegetables before you put them in the plan to make sure you have removed any dirt that may have settled there between uses.

If you want to add flavor, brush the food with oil (this will doubly ensure that the food doesn't stick to the pan). Choosing the right oil will also ensure perfect cooking.

Cooking on pans

Before you start cooking, place the pan over medium heat for a few minutes. This will also ensure that the entire surface of the pan is equally hot, which means your food will cook at the same rate. Preheating also helps ensure that you get those all-important character marks!

Once the pan is hot, use tongs to place the meat and/or vegetables on the pan, slicing perpendicular to the ridges.

Make sure you don't flip the food too early - turning too early may mean not seeing the burn marks.

You can use the tongs to rotate the food and make sure everything is cooked evenly.

Double-Sided Cast Iron Grill Plate

Cleaning and storage

Cleaning your skillet properly after each use will ensure that you keep it sanitary and make the most of it. To clean your skillet, first let it cool, then rinse it with hot water - this will help break down the oil and grease, making it easier to clean. You can soak the pan in hot water before wiping it down. Then wipe the pan with a cloth or sponge and some washing-up liquid, making sure to pay special attention to the ridges and grooves to ensure there are no food residues. Dry the pan thoroughly and store it in a dry place - this will prevent it from rusting and keep it in good condition until the next time you use it!

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